Warm Headband Wrap Tutorial

Warm Headband Wrap

credit: internet

I can feel Winter closing in on me every time I step outside and I have been in need in something warm for my head. I have a knitted hat, which I love but sometimes I just need a change. I have been seeing these headbands all over the interwebs and every time I click over to see how much one of these guys will put me back I am shocked…but I am also SUPER cheap. The price always turned me off because I know it was simple enough to make, unfortunately I don’t know how to knit…yet so I could not just bust one out whenever I felt like it.

Although I cannot knit, I can sew and I like to sew with things I already have, so I rummaged around my warmies drawer and I found two head bands that my mom gave to me a long time ago…unfortunately a long time ago I decided that they were far to practical, and dare I say it, too ugly to wear. Conveniently by some spark of genius I looked at my old decidedly ugly headbands in a new light and I used them to make something like the illusive headbands I have been interwebs stalking….this is that tutorial.

Here is one of my offending headbands, I realize now that they are not so ugly and they really are warm.

Both headbands (my black one is not pictured) had a middle seam so I ripped the bajeezus out of it.

I continued ripping the seams until I got to about an inch away from where the whole headband is sewn together, I left that there so it would fit better around my head and it would give it a finished look in the end with minimal work on my part.

Pin over the side to sew.
This is how I have always pinned seams to sew and admittedly they do get frustrating when I go over a pin head. My mind was blown when I watched a tutorial and a woman pinned them from the outside going in but since my old habits die hard I have figure out that if I point the pin away from the direction of how I am sewing I can remove the pins easily before they get caught.

Sew the edge.

After the edges are sewn put the flappy headband onto your head with the back in an ideal place for you and then pinch the front to create the bunching (ignore the little string…that is next).

When you have achieved your perfect bunch take some thread (I used embroidery thread because it is thicker) and tie the bunch tightly around the middle. This might take awhile because keeping it bunched and tying a knot at the same time are difficult without three hands (I had to used my mouth).

So in order to keep my fancy new headband from popping open at the back in the future I just did a quick heavy stitch right where I stopped ripping the seam.

Voila, here is the final product. In the pictures there are little strap deals wrapped around the bunched part, I did that with my black headband but not with this one because I didn’t have any extra camel colored fabric laying around…perhaps it will find me in the future and I will make one…but I really like how it looks without it.

Thanks for checking out my crafty adventure!

[I must say that although I know how to sew I am by no means an expert , I am really just learning as I go along and doing what makes sense in the moment…if you have any tips you are burning to share I encourage, no, beg you to comment with them.]


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