Glittery Pumps for Almost Free.

I ran across a tutorial on how to glitterize some flats a few months ago and I thought it was a great idea so I saved it for one of my future projects. A few days ago my roommates’ Urban Outfitters catalog came in and what did I find? Glittery pumps, for about $50. It was in that moment I decided that I needed to prove to myself that I too could have shoes that cool, if not cooler, for almost free.
Tools you will need:

-a pair of pumps (These pumps were a hand me down from my wonderful sister)

-painters tape
-Mod Podge (I used Matte finish only because it was what I had…and it dried clear enough.)
-a paintbrush (I have a foam brush pictured but I later replaced it for a small painters painbrush because the foam just couldn’t hang)
This project took me a total of 3 days…it was really just a matter of waiting for the Mod Podge to dry completely.
– I first taped up the sides of the soles so that in the end they would have a more finished and less ‘hey I just spent three days gluing glitter to my shoes’ look.
– I then cleaned the shoes with nail polish remover to get any grease off. I was able to do this because the shoes are patent leather, if you are doing this with any other types of surfaces I would look up how to remove grease.
– I then created my glitter/Mod Podge mixture, I suggest that when you think you have enough glitter…add more because my first coat was weak sauce…my second attempt at the mixture ended up looking almost like sand and it was far more effective.
– Next, I added the glitter mixture to my shoes…I highly suggest doing it on cardboard or some paper because glitter globs will be flying…I promise. 
– I discovered that painting on the glitter one side at time was far easier. It also allowed the glue to dry where instead of migrating down the shoe.

– Here they are after the first coat dried….weak sauce…I told you.
-Here they are after the second coat and all of my lessons learned about the amount of glitter and the way they are allowed to dry.
-After both sides were fully dried I took the tape off…and of course some of the glitter glue came off so I had to touch up a few areas.
-I also made sure to clear out the inner part of where the shoes meet my feet because, as it turns out, glitter glue can be sharp and I did not want a rash from my fancy new shoes.

I am so excited at how these came out. WooHoo!

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