DIY: Vintage Tea Cup Candle

Vintage Tea Cup Candle.
I have seen pictures of these fancy tea cup candles all over the internet and I have always known that they would be stupid easy to make…the hardest thing about this project would be finding the time/motivation. Today I found both that time and motivation so I made a tutorial…
If you do not want to go through the trouble of making one for yourself and would instead like to purchase one may I suggest checking out my etsy shop where I will be selling other vintage tea cup candles (out of the cups pictured below).

Step one: Find fancy tea cups…ALWAYS look at the thrift stores first because buying overpriced new stuff is a drag….and it makes your candle one of a kind.

Step two: Find a candle…I used an old one because I am “thrifty”. This one smells like apple cinnamon cookies…or as my roommate said…Christmas. 
Step three: Double boil your candle. I used a large pot and an old pie tin because I did not have any pots to sacrifice to world of candle wax.

Step four: Watch your candle melt…you think it would be boring…but both my roommate and I were transfixed for at least 10 minutes. 
Step five: This step was a little bit difficult with the pie pan. My roommate came through with the clothespins which worked really well…but it was still a two man job. In order to not struggle as hard as I did I suggest looking at the two pots you choose to double boil with and ask “When I need to take the wax pan out…will it be easy and can I do it by myself?” (The second picture is of the pan after it was poured…it was physically impossible to take a picture of the process of pouring the wax.)

Step six: I was very worried that the wax was going to cool as soon as it came out of the boling water…it didn’t so there is not a huge rush with poring the hot wax…so do it slowly making sure you do not get alot of wax on the sides of the cup…it will look nicer in the end. 
Step seven: I just old the wick because like I said…I am “thrifty” I had to wait a little bit before the wax was not so liquid…once that happens stick it in the middle and back away slowly.

Step eight: I stuck my candle in the refrigerator because I was impatient for it to harden…I would suggest only doing this until the wax is hard enough for the wick to stand on it’s own without the risk of tipping over because the wax may not stick to the sides of the cup in the end…
Step nine: Sit back and enjoy how fancy you are.
If you happen to make a tea cup candle from this tutorial please please send me pictures! I would love to see other people being fancy.

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