die Wand (noun) wall, septum (in the nose), rock face.
As I type I am sick…I am guessing it is some mild form of strep throat so instead of running the risk of infecting every human being I come into contact with I have quarantined myself in my room. I of course could use this time to get ahead on assignments and reading…but instead I am shirking the real world and playing the Sims instead…it is quite a wonderful fantasy land I have created for myself in this small room. 
Because I am pretending the outside world does not exist I  present to you another post of stuff in my room…it is an exhibition of the things I have put on my walls. 

 A picture of my first snowfall with my brother and father and various Vogue pages. 

The Andy banana and my tools for mass construction.   

An elephant from Thailand and my German learnings. 
104 days until Graduation. 

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