das Halsweh (noun) sore throat.
So I found out today that I still have a virus living within me. I had to go to the Health Center to get my blood tested for Mono and other white blood cell related things. There was about an hour delay from when I took the test (and almost passed out) to hearing the results so there was a short time in my life that I feared  that I was infected with Mono…it was brutal. Fortunately, I don’t (WOOHOO!) but I do have this stupid virus which is causing all kinds of problems for in my life…February is beating me down.   

new drugs and less blood. 

 silver, velvet, feathers, lace, and amethyst…typical. 

German simple past crossword puzzles are not as fun as they sound. 

my sister knows me too well. 
96 days until Graduation. 


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