der Regen (noun) rain, liquid sunshine. 
This morning I woke up to the sound of the Hospice thrift store calling my name. I never really go there because they have a very high opinion of themselves and all of their stuff is overpriced, but nevertheless I responded to the call and made it to the store right before the rain. As I battled old ladies for room at the racks I came across a tiny Serger. I took it out of the box and proceeded to see if it still worked…it was almost brand new. It wouldn’t work properly because it was threaded wrong so I decided to suck it up and spend a little more money than I like at a thrift store and took my new baby home. I followed the directions to re-thread the three threads and made it work. Now I want to serge everything. 
In other news I think I have conquered my virus once and for all…now I can stop pretending that I don’t have school and work and life to do.  
my serger is tiny. 

Thrift stores really do have the best stuff. 


So I have these gold leggings I have yet to wear out and my free fleather shorts are finally done. 

My plant is no longer being neglected. 
My sparkly shoes are for sale in my etsy shop –> here.
91 days until Graduation. 

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