der Ramsch (noun) odds and ends, junk, rummage.
I am a connoisseur of all things free. I have a planned route of free piles and thrift stores that I visit on the weekend (and sometimes during the week)…it is like going on a scavenger hunt without any clues.
I am tossing around the idea of focusing this blog more on this aspect of my life…it is already pretty pervasive in my day to day life (and therefore this blog) so it is probably not going to be drastic change in the way things are run on my end but it will give me more of a focus. The name of my blog is going to change pretty soon…or really as soon as I can commit myself to a name that is able to sum up my focus and vision. 
In the meantime, I figured I should blog about the free things that have come up on recently…it is some good stuff. 

Glass skull (almost) double shot glasses…these were not free pile finds but rather my “swoops” month…
Ryan helped facilitate this…I think it is safe to say that we are the best swoopanistas…on earth.
(swooping does not mean stealing! these were given to me on someones own free will!)

old crayons and pipe cleaners…new projects are on the horizon.  

fancy photo book and a rabbit…because why not?

 50 great music treasures…I have so many records but no record player…perhaps one will find me in the future. 
The sequin dress was not free…but I think it is awesome. My duct tape dress form might be one of my favorite large scale projects that I have done.
84 days until Graduation. 

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