der Fasching (noun) Mardi Gras.
Today is Mardi Gras, back in elementary school the seventh graders would elect a king and queen and then have a parade where they would throw candy to the younger kids. When I was in seventh grade I was in the running for being elected queen (a dream of mine). I however was not there for the vote because I was busy alter serving. I am convinced that if I and my friend, who was alter serving with me, were there I would have won and I would have been pulled around on a rickety cart and been able to throw candy at little kids, maybe one day my chance to be queen will come. 
In honor of Mardi Gras I made sugar cookies and butter cream frosting…from scratch. 

I am pretty proud of how my festive cookies came out. 

I took my “dominatrix boots” out for a spin yesterday, I also decided to test out my tea cup candle with the crayon wax on top. 
80 days until Graduation. 

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