die Hypochonderin (noun) hypochondriac. 
When I was in grade school I was a raging hypochondriac. I was able to convince myself that I did not feel good and that I needed to go home. What was even better was that I was really good at convincing other people, especially adults, that I did not feel good and needed to go home. It was cool when I was really young because the nurses cubicle was in the school office/teacher break room and I got to listen to the teacher gossip and especially them talking smack about certain kids…it was a good thing for them that I was too young to fully comprehend everything they said. The point of this story is that I am experiencing a whole mess of health issues now…nothing huge…but a bunch of small weird things that no one has ever heard of and that I have to ask Google to define…it is definitely karma for all of those times I went home sick from school to play with my barbies. 
Since I have been stupid busy for a few days straight here is a summary of my week thus far. 

 A view of my organizational skills and what they turn up at my new job. 

details of both workplaces. 

stormy weather. 


My roommate celebrated her birthday with tacos and margaritas. 

 I don’t just like fish tacos…I LOVE fish tacos. 

spent another hour of my life in the health center. 

doctor details. 

I have to get my tonsils taken out…nice. 

I will be the first to say that I have pretty foot bones. 
72 days until Graduation. 

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