die Baracke (noun) shed, shack, barn, simple hut.
Spring Break!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO.
While other people drive off to exotic destinations I am staying in this place to work and do homework. It sounds unexciting but I am most excited about sleep. Every time I talk to someone about school and life they are just exhausted and burnt out…I am not sure if this is just a rough semester for everyone or I just talk to those people who are so incredibly close to being done they are just barely able to muster up that motivation to get through it all. All I know is that I am exhausted and I cannot wait for inane papers and busy school work to be done with…I am sure reality is not paved with gold but I do know that I will not have to read sociology text books and work on critical writing papers.
Oreos and wine…a solid Thursday night.
 My boss brought her power drill into work….I was finally able to hang our white boards.
apple break time.
My work shed was a black pit of despair just four weeks ago…and now it is so nice.
cold sunshine and ominous clouds.
my weekend realities.
stupid organized.
this is my school mascot….
62 days until Graduation (freedom).

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