altehrwürdig (adjective) vintage.
I finished my Thursday five hours earlier than usual so I had some time to enjoy the beautiful day.
I walked around downtown Arcata and I visited: Daisy Dry Goods, a vintage stuff boutique; Fabric Temptations, a local fabric store; and The Tin Can Mailman, a used and rare book store. Walking through some of my favorite (non-thrift stores) reminded me that Arcata is actually a nice place and that I need to appreciate it in the days I have left.
type tools and scissors.
I am in love with vintage suitcases.
Mirrors mirrors on the wall.
If I were a right girl.
bottoms up.
I wish I knew how to crochet.
doughnut beads and animated Arcata.
Daffodils on the roof.
Suit fabrics are my favorite.
bibs and bobs.
Tin Can Mailman.
up and down.
Fact: I am REALLY good at Magic Eye books.
Minor Theater.
America’s Oldest Theater.
There is a nice place behind my apartment.
51 days until Graduation (Freedom)

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