die Kostprobe (noun) sample, taste.
Friday and Saturday are Spring Preview for Humboldt State…basically this means that a bunch of prospective freshman come and look at the campus. For Spring Preview they have a big clubs, departments, and local business fair in our gym. I tabled for Y.E.S House…tabling is one of my favorite things to do because talking to people is really fun for me. The other great thing about this fair is that all of the businesses give out DELICIOUS free samples. Even better, at the end, they always have more than they can take back so I was able to get free food…expensive locally produced food.
Free food for the win!
Chocolate from Drakes Glen Creations (some of my favorite local chocolate).
Humboldt Fog goat cheese from Cypress Grove Chevre.
Bread from BRIO Breadworks.
my fancy table is fancy.
tabling loop.
 free sample queen.
free food always tastes better.
the weather can’t seem to make up its mind recently.
28 days until Graduation.

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