vortäuschen (verb) to pretend, to simulate.
From Friday April 20th to Tuesday April 24th I was in San Francisco for the Model United Nations Far West conference. It was five days of hardcore pretend; in Fourth Committee we solved all of Africa’s problems. The days were super intense, Sunday was from 9 am to 11 pm but so much fun. We were in an enormous Hotel with a bunch of other college kids….it was basically like an Imaginationland cruise.
driving in.
Driving into the city.
I shared a room with three other girls.
room with a view.
sunshine in my life.
 I was Sweden.
 I will entertain your motions.
The asylum.
cruise ship.
San Francisco.
Haight Street.
Dollar Day at Buffalo Exchange = trash bag full of clothes.
 every time I go to San Francisco I question my choices in life.
coffee date.
 seduced by wine, stayed for the coffee.
 loved to death.
Haight = Love
Planes coming into SFO.
Ryan and I get high on shopping.
El Super Taco Man is the man.
All six of the countries HSU represented won an award…for the first time ever.
That is in order.
celebration pub.
we attempted the roof…we failed.
birds eye view of the madness.
 San Francisco is a nice place.
6 hour drive.
 101 North is a weird stretch of highway.

driving out.

17 days until Graduation.

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