die Spende (noun) donation.
As I was laying in bed during the “snooze” portion of my second to last Friday in college, the gravity of my situation came crashing in on me: my school career is over in 14 days…I have been in school since I was 2 years old which means I have been in school for 20 years of my life…and it is all coming to a close (Grad school is still a twinkle in my eye). I don’t know how to not be a student….this reality is stressful…real life is knocking on my door….go away! nobody is home!
Despite impending reality I still have work….and I found a tutu in the donations….
It is a frustrating thing when you have to re-organize your work space every time you come into work.
I need more tutu’s in my life.
If only these boots fit me.
my freshly painted nails never stood a chance.
14 Days until Graduation….TWO WEEKS.

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