das Schwert (noun) sword.
Working at a thrift store has taught me that people will donate anything and everything. I found a sword today which was pretty cool…but when I sort through donation bags it is guaranteed that I will come across socks…mostly dirty…and underwear…sometimes dirty. It confuses me as to why someone who is putting together a bag of donations assumes that people will want their extremely old and dirty socks and underwear…people are strange.
People get rid of EVERYTHING.
free pile.
Somebody paid money for these items sometime in the past.
Hippie Bus towing a van.
I want to be your personal penguin.
I found a sword at work today…it actually wasn’t that surprising.
The Bible on 48 cassette tapes…that is a long road trip.
I have this problem where I need to get rid of things but I work at a thrift store and I just end up accumulating more cool stuff.
13 days until graduation.

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