letzter Tag.

der letzter Tag (noun) the last day.
On Friday, I finished my last class as an undergrad. It was extremely surreal walking around campus knowing that I never have to go there ever again for class. Even now it makes me kind of sad because no matter how many ups and downs I had with/at HSU I still love my University.
Apart from actually learning things in the classroom I was given so many amazing opportunities to work in positions of student leadership that taught me more about life and people than any one single class I took. I was able to be a Director of the Homelessness Network and Alternative Spring Break programs along with a Program Consultant at the YES House. I was able to be the Incoming Student Coordinator at the Humboldt Orientation Program. And I was able to participate in a myriad of other things organizations and groups on campus.
I of course discovered and fell in love with my two majors: International Studies and German by coincidence. The thing that lured me to IS was that I HAD to study abroad in order to get the degree which made the incentive even greater to actually make my study abroad happen. Choosing IS led me to taking German classes and then of course sending to me Germany for a year which was one of the most amazing transformative things I could have ever done with my life.
I am very glad that my nostalgia has kicked in for this place because this past year and years previous were very difficult for me and I was worried that my memories would be marred by those struggles
I am proud of what I have accomplished in my five years of college and I am thankful for the many people and situations along the way. I am better person because of it all.
Last day of classes on the quad.
various views.
the routes I took to get to classes.
every time I walked to class this way I used this as my balance beam…rain or shine, heels or no heels.
the tree is no longer naked.
Ryan and I celebrated our last undergrad day properly.
One more final and I am completely finished.
7 days until Graduation…this time next week I will be a College Graduate.

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