die Zukunftspläne (noun) plans for the future.
My life is currently under construction…or at least that is the best way that I can describe it.
I am currently tasked with figuring out what I am going to do with my life…which seems like a simple enough question to answer…but it is actually not so easy.
I have been garnering a lot of strength from my friends, some of them are in the same boat and others are dealing with things just as or maybe even more difficult.
I haven’t been blogging as much recently because I have been reestablishing my life back in Pasadena by unpacking, reconnecting with old friends, reconstructing formerly burned bridges, and working on my online thrift store which will take the name of Notnu and will hopefully be the answer to my overall life question. (My camera battery has also been dead and I have been too lazy to plug it into the wall…but that is a secret.)
If “life is like a box of chocolates” I am about to annihilate it on sitting.
 The flora and fauna of home.
This is was a very fruitful sushi lunch.
chocolate covered espresso beans and wine…it’s love.
I want to put a countdown here….but I don’t want to count away my days anymore.

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