Anbruch eines neuen Tages

Anbruch eines neuen Tages (phrase) a dawn of a new day
Today is a new day for Coffee + Velvet: I did not turn my photos into polaroids for this post. It is an idea I have been toying around with for a little while because as much as I LOVE polaroids they limit me as to what I can talk about and do…and you never get to see the whole picture (and I just got my DSLR back). So I am thinking I will do some posts as polaroids, some as regular pictures (as you see today), and maybe I will throw some film pictures into the mix. I really want to expand my blog so today I a taking that leap.
I hope you enjoy!
Ps. I am sorry about the hiatus, I have been busy AND I went through a blogger identity crisis which is hopefully over.
Outtakes from my most recent lookbook post.
I have had this gold silk skirt for about 11 years now (wow I’m old) and I have always wanted to wear it but I am just not the biggest fan of long skirts so I turned it into a high-low (aka Mullet Skirt) yesterday and I am so stoked on my brand new skirt.
My boyfriend is back in town! Around this same time last year my trusty little Nikon D50 started exposing a big black bar at the bottom of all of  my photos…I got so frustrated with it I broke up with it. For my graduation present my mom had it fixed and it is finally back to normal…I am excited to rekindle our relationship.
My fisheye lens is my FAVORITE…so get ready for more.
I recently got a job as an assistant home stager…meaning I help a lady who makes homes for sale feel more homey to make them sell faster. On Wednesday we staged an amazing home with 360 degree views of Altadena, Pasadena, and really the rest of Los Angeles.
This is a view of Pasadena.
Los Angeles…and haze.
Altadena….the motherland.
Today I went thrifting with my mother to find new inventory for Notnu…and myself.
One day I will own a machine as pretty as this one (used to be).
My favorite dress I found for myself.

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  1. Anonymous

    Love the mullet skirt! I might have to butcher one of mine in that style…And also…that sewing machine is a really similar model to the one I have. And those types are super simple and accessible to fix. If you ever run across one in better shape but needs some fixing…I'm your girl-frankenstitch-

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