die Kunst

die Kunst (noun) art.
Today I went to Art on Millionaires Row at the Altadena Library. It was very interesting talking to some of the artists because they have extremely interesting stories like the man who drives all over the western US in his vintage British car to find the weirdest most out of the way attractions, or the Polish woman who gets all of her beautiful amber from Poland and is convinced of its healing powers, or the women who paints portraits of your pets.
I love Altadena and all of its quirkiness.

Make a day of it.
View of it all.
Pet portrait painter.
crocs need to be outlawed.
I stopped into Ritzy Rags on Mariposa today…it was far to expensive for my taste but there is some good stuff in there.
Today’s outfit and the morning paper.
 Yesterdays outfit.
I am obsessed with brick which seems weird but it is  a rarity in California because of all of the earthquakes we have. I especially love brick in California because it is more than likely that the building is old and I love old things.

  Chalk love at Pasadena City College.


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