der Hipster (noun) hipster.
As I am exploring Pasadena more and more I am starting to realize that I am from a hipster bubble. This is news to me because I never saw it before I left five years ago but five years later this is a hipster mecca. on Saturday I went to “Make Music Pasadena” which was a big outdoor music festival on the streets of Old Town…it was incredibly crowded..and incredibly hipster. I have nothing against hipster as I am a little bit hipster myself (without trying to be…which in fact makes me more hipster…it is an endless cycle).
I also went down to Long Beach earlier in the week to have a ladies night with two of my girl friends…it was very exciting, we conquered many bottles and we went to the beach…Oh how I love southern California.

Pelicans are wonderful creatures.

Map of the festivities.

Hipster Central
It is essential that I procure some of these wings.
people are strange.
street walkers.
some hipster art thing.
clap it out.

The amount of people made it a bit difficult to participate in the music….

…so I found my posse and we drank beer and ate fried things instead.

I’m still not sure why we got a wristband for this place.
And my brother went to his Community College Graduation.

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