Stille Straße. An ode to my childhood streets.

die stille Straße (noun) quiet street
Being home has made me appreciate what I had when I was growing up. I am re-falling in love with my home…and it is wonderful.
I went on a quest for chocolate earlier today so I decided to walk down the street to the liquor store…I brought my camera…this post is an ode to my neighborhood and street.
the intersection of my life.
the keeper of chocolate.
Allen and New York main street.
My dads old Barber Shop…also where they filmed a scene for Eight Legged Freaks.
The land of weird hours.
Look at Mount Wilson looking so cute.
My life needs mountains.
My pre-school.
whats under there?
Walking down my street.
that’s nice.
pinch box.

A story: since my preschool was down the street, we would walk there every morning and on the way there are a few of these stamped sidewalk slabs, these were designated as pinch boxes…so it was IMPERATIVE that you did NOT step within the bounds of the pinch box, otherwise god rest your arm.

Oak grove.
palm trees and power lines.
sock bun and palm trees.

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