Friday Fashion DIY: Floral Headband

For this second installment of Coffee+Velvet’s Friday DIY’s I decided to make a floral headband. Headbands like these have been popping up all over Lookbook and I have to admit I am little bit in love.
I hope you enjoy!
For this Floral Headband you will need:
fake flowers of your choice
(I chose smaller ones but by all means use large flowers!)
a head band of your choice
(I chose this one because headbands tend to start squeezing my head after a few minutes and this one does not sqeeze)
a hot glue gun
(that you can cut plastic with)
a blow dryer 
(not pictured and optional) 
some patience
Step 1: Decide how many flowers you want to put on your head band.
To do this you can pop all of the flowers off the stems and  arrange the flowers around your headband to get a feel for what it will look like.
I chose 10 flowers in order to leave about an inch of the end of the headband to sit hidden in my hair.
Step 2: Cut the little nubs off the the ends of the flowers. Be sure to cut as close as possible so the flowers will sit close to the headband.
Step 3: Remove the little flower butts.
Step 4: This is where your patience comes in. I found that when you remove the butts, the flower tends to want to fall apart so you need to re-secure all of your flowers.
What I did to secure my flowers (your flowers my be a bit different) was to separate the pieces, dab some hot glue on the little nub that the petals came off of, and then slip the petals back into place…
Step 4 (continued):…after I put the petals back on I put another dab of glue over the top of the nub and the petals to keep them sandwiched together…
Step 4 (continued):…I spread the glue around so that it would flatten out and give a smoother surface to attach to the headband.
Repeat this entire process until all of your flowers are secure.
Step 5: Finalize your arrangement and figure out which flower will go first and where. I suggest starting in the middle and working your way out so you can make sure it is even as you towards the ends.
Since I had 10 flowers I had find the center of the headband and then plan to put the first flower a little bit to the side of the center so I would have two flowers in the middle.
Step 6: Give the headband a nice healthy dab of glue and then stick your first  flower to it.
Tip: I found that if I stuck the flower to the glue and then set the headband flower face down it would allow the flower to stay in place while the glue hardened. Holding the flower to the headband will only lead to you push your flowers around before the glue is dry which will drive you crazy!
Be sure to leave about a minute of drying time before you proceed to the next flower.
Step 7: Keep gluing on the flowers from the inside out.
In terms of spacing, I glued the flowers a little less than an inch apart, but this is all something that will work itself out in Step 5 when you decide how close you want your flowers to sit (and if you don’t like it the good thing about hot glue is that it won’t resist too much if you decide to pull everything off and start again).
Step 8: Take a step back and admire your little beauty.
Step 9: Before you start wearing your wonderful new floral headband you need to eliminate all of the pesky hot glue gun strings! A tip I ran across on one of my many craft tutorial binges was that you can use a hot blow dryer to melt those little strings away, just make sure to not get too close to the glue you actually want to be there, otherwise it could melt and move some of your flowers around…and that would be frustrating!
Once your strings are melted you are are ready put your new creation on and make a bold statement with any outfit you wear!

If you liked this tutorial please please let me know!
(For example: you can leave a comment, follow me, or like my page!)
If you use this tutorial to make your own amazing floral headband please please please share it with me! I want to see what you come up with!
Happy Friday!


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