Fashion Friday DIY: Crown of Braids.

The Crown of Braids is one of my favorite and most used hairstyles. I have super long hair which is fun most days but when it is hot outside or if I have to do anything remotely active my hair really gets in the way.
I was inspired to try this hairstyle a few years back when I watched how Maude from the movie Harold and Maude styled her crown of braids.
(Photo Credit: Harold and Maude; Paramount Pictures)

Every time I wear my hair like this I receive a multitude of compliments so I thought that I would share with you how to go about achieving this simple and stylish look.

 You will need:
– a comb or a brush
– as many bobby pins as you can find
(I cannot give you an exact number because it all depends on your hair and how secure you want your hair)
– a small claw clip
(optional as you could use a bobby pin or a barrette)
Step 1: Part your hair down the middle.
Step 2: Braid one side of your hair.
Step 3: Secure your finished braid with a temporary clip
Step 4: Braid the other side of your hair.
Step 5: Cross your second finished braid over to the opposite side of your head.
Step 6: Pin the crossed braid on the side.
Step: 7: Pin the crossed braid on the top (pinning through the length of the braid)
Step 8: Cross your first braid to the opposite side of your head.
Step 9: Pin your braids just as in step 6 and 7
Step 10: Pin your braids until they feel secure.
Step 11: Appreciate all of the compliments this simple hair style will bring you!

For Shorter Hair: Since my hair is so long it really does not matter where I start my braids but if you have shorter hair you can always start your braids up or even above your ears to insure that you have enough braid to reach the other side of your head.



  1. shannon

    I braid mine together, pull it up over my head and cross the braids. If you figure out the right length to put the braids together the hair will just stay on your head. I use it to dry my hair.

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