Pferdekutsche | Horse-Drawn Carriage

die Pferdekutsche (noun) horse-drawn carriage.
People watching is one of my favorite pasttimes and New York City is the perfect place to do it. Almost every single person in the is so busy paying attention to what they are doing they barely have time to notice the people around them…this is perfect for me because it means I can watch the same person for long time without being creepy.
One day in New York I sat at a bench on Central Park South and watched the horse-drawn carriages and I was fascinated by the relationships between the horses and the road, the drivers and the horses, and tourists and the carriages.



  1. Christina Hansen

    What a great collection of photos of NYC carriage drivers and horses at work! It's nice when just being still and watching allows the real essence of the business to shine through in your photos. Lots of friends, equine and human, shown here. Thanks.

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