Objektiv | Lens

das Objektiv (noun) lens.
I love toy cameras, I love the randomness of exposure, I love the way the pictures look, and I love holding an actual print in my hand. As you may know I have a Fisheye 2 camera (you will find those posts here, here, and here) and I love it…but what I don’t love is how much it costs to play. Film is expensive and getting film developed is even more expensive and sometimes you don’t find out that you messed up a whole roll of film until after you have paid to get it developed. Despite all of this frustration, I still really wanted a DianaF+ camera so I set out to find a cheap one on the interwebs. I unfortunately did not find a reasonably priced toy camera but I did find this bad boy: A Holga Nikon DSLR Lens.
 With this lovely little plastic lens I can have my cake and eat it too. I can have the look of a Holga camera without having to pay an arm and a leg for film and development and I can feed my compulsion to take a burst of pictures just in case two of them are blurry (this stems from my photo journalistic approach to photography).
Even though this lens attaches to a DSLR do not be fooled into thinking it is some kind of short cut, no no this lens makes you work for your pictures. The lens is only operable in full manual mode and you only have the options to change the ISO and white balance on your camera (no flash for you). You also must remain completely still for clear pictures (I have solved this with a tripod and my new shutter remote). This lens turns your expensive piece of photo equipment into a toy camera…which seems a bit ridiculous but it is a much cheaper way to play. I am obsessed:

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