Kamera | Camera.

die Kamera (noun) camera.
So last night as I was working on this fridays’ DIY (hint: it is photography related) I went down into the basement to find a plastic color filter (because my mom used to have a full darkroom down there) and much to my delight I struck camera gold. I found these two vintage cameras which I assume both belonged to my dad.
The first camera is a Nimslo 3D Stereo camera from the 80s. After some research I discovered that with proper film processing you can produce photos like the Magic Eye books (the ones you have to cross your eyes to see [fun fact: I am SUPER good at those things]). The camera has since been discontinued and film processing is of course difficult (hint: shipping to Canada and paying around $3 PER print is involved) so needless to say I am going to play around with it and see what I get (without involving Canada).
The second camera is a Kodak Retinette IA Pronto from the early sixties. My inner hipster lost its mind when I discovered it. To me it seems like it was what the basic digital camera is today (many people have them and you have basic film settings at your fingertips). You can adjust the shutter speed, aperture, and distance with zero batteries (witchcraft I’m sure). I am definitely going to play around with it and see what happens.
Conveniently, as I was making epic discoveries in our ex-darkroom, I discovered an entire box of black and white film most of which expired in 2000 (one of them expired in 1985, but film is film) so needless to say I am stocked on film but now I just need to start saving my money to actually develop it because our darkroom has long since been dismantled.
When the day of development comes I will blog them but that might be in a month or two.

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