DIY Photography Friday: Simple DSLR Light Diffuser

der Blitz (noun) flash, lightning, thunderbolt.
Today I want to show you how to make a super simple (maybe not the fanciest) but super cheap DSLR light diffuser.
Now if you talk to any good photographer they will tell you to only use the flash when necessary and even then try not use it. But try as we might sometimes we run into situations when we need to use it…like for poorly lit portraits. However, when we decide to pop up our little flashes we quickly discover why flash is usually shunned: your subject is washed out and is sporting a sickly skin tone. I myself especially fall victim to the evils of flash as I am super pale (see below).
Enter your light diffuser!
As you can see from the images above a light diffuser really does make a difference in your photography. Of course small hot-shoe light diffusers are not all that expensive (maybe $18 – $20 new) but why pay that much money for something that you can make with things that you already have around the house…or can find at a thrift store..or your local film developer of choice (after some schmoozing).
Below is the super simple DIY that will bring back a healthy glow to all of you photo subjects in no time!
You will need:
-A camera with a pop-up flash (duh).
-A white film canister (not fully opaque but not fully clear).
-A sharp craft knife.
-A permanent marker.
-A little tiny ball of sticky tack (optional).
Step 1: Begin by popping up your flash and turning off your camera (because why waste the battery?)
Step 2: Measure the width of the back of the flash (it does not need to be exact).

Step 3: Mark where you will make your vertical cuts.
Step 4: VERY CAREFULLY make your vertical cuts.
Step 5: Connect your two vertical cuts with two horizontal cuts.
Step: 6: Try it on your flash and keep cutting until it fits nicely and will not fall off; it is clearly not an exact science and you will have to play around with it until it fits.
Step 7 (optional): I decided to use a little tiny ball of sticky tack on the back of the flash to ensure that it will not slip around and to save myself future headaches (the sticky tack will come right off of your camera and you can store it in your diffuser when it is not in use).
 Step 8: Pop your new diffuser on your flash and marvel at your craftiness.

Your diffuser of course will not win any camera fashion shows but it will save you a bit of money and any future flash induced headaches!

Also, if you want to start experimenting with light filters or color splashes it will now be super easy for you to take a small gel (or thicker colored cellophane) and roll it up into your diffuser to achieve different flash colors!
I hope you liked this DIY!
Feel free to share what you come up with!
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