Sand | sand

der Sand (noun) sand.
For my entire life (minus one year) I have lived less than an hour from the beach. However, my ability to freely and leisurely enjoy the beach was seriously inhibited by various things. In Los Angeles, going to the beach took some planning as traffic is a very serious reality…and it starts around 3:30 pm and goes until about 7 pm so if you plan poorly you will sit in traffic just as long as you sat on the beach.
In Humboldt, the beach was beautiful but it was ALWAYS cold and windy so enjoying the natural beauty was difficult without a jacket.
Living on the central coast has turned my beach inconveniences on its head. It takes about 10 minutes to drive to the beach without the fear of traffic and the beach is sunny AND warm…it is amazing.
I plan on going to the beach as much as possible.
We almost died at the hands of kites.
 These fences remind me of the east coast.

Gladiating California.
Exploration chicken.
Adventure ladybug.

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