Webseiten | websites.

Webseiten (noun; plural) websites.
As you may have noticed, I have been really struggling on the blogging front. I am trying to work on that but it might be a few more days until I get back into the swing of things as I am trying to catch up on my Notnu store things (turns out I like the shopping part of the job more than the listing part…who knew). However, even when I am not coming up with wonderful blog posts about the super fun things I do and see in my life I am still hanging out on the internet.
Today I thought I would share with you a few of the other places I call home in the world wide web.
If you feel like following I always follow back…I love getting to know my internet neighbors.
You can click the pictures and they will take you my various homes.
Pinterest: A wonderful supportive place where (mostly women, but guys are welcome too!) share crafts, food, fashion, design, etc, etc etc. I especially love Pinterest because the vibe is very welcoming and not competitive as most people are working to share knowledge and helpful tips to make their lives easier.
I think of Pinterest as the tea party of internet.
Fashiolista: A place where you share your internet shopping finds with the world. I am newest to this website  and I have not quite felt out the vibe but I like to use it as my online shopping cart…because putting things in the real shopping carts is expensive and I cannot currently support my online shopping addiction.
I think of this as my shopaholics anonymous.
Tumblr: An image sharing site which has the vibe of a catty high school lunch room. I use tumblr to promote my store (as it reaches my target demographic) and to collect  pictures of things that amuse me (my current favorite is that cat…I giggle every time I see it). I say tumblr is like a high school lunch room because it is overrun by girls ages 9 to 22 and they are very competitive and mean…I of course do not participate in this drama…but I do see it…it is a very interesting cross section of youth.
Lookbook: Is a place where you photograph your outfits and share them with the world. The tagline for Lookbook.nu is “Collective Fashion Consciousness.” I love it because I love love love street style…what people where every day, how people use what they see on the catwalk or in magazines, and peoples own personal idea of how something should be worn. Lookbook is a supportive place…but in a cool way…like when you see a girl walking down the street wearing a pair of AWESOME shoes and you smile at her shoes and she smiles back because she understands you dig her style.
Interwebs: Home Sweet Home.
Do you have internet places that you call home?

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