DIY: Bunting Advent Calendar


My favorite advent calendar is a a small tree that sits on a music box with 24 tiny drawers. In each little drawer there is a little holiday related ornament…I remember when my mom brought this tree home and let my brother and I set the tree  up. We were both extremely excited to have our turn to put an ornament on the tree (and sometimes we would try to steal eachothers turns)…this tree has been the subject of a number of sibling spats I shared with my brother (all in the spirit of Christmas of course)…but nevertheless…I still love it…and look forward to it every year.

It was this advent tree, my current obsession with making some kind of holiday bunting (I don’t even know where it came from…it’s weird), and the amazing inspiration Advent Calendars (posted yesterday) that helped inspire my DIY Bunting and Ornament Advent Calendar…I am more than excited about how well it turned out and I hope you enjoy it too!


You will need:

7 1/2 inch wide strips of felt
(or one long one whatever floats your boat)

About 10 ft of ribbon, or lace, or string

A Ruler

Permanent Markers
(in your colors of choice)

Fabric Scissors

A few pins


Holiday Packing Labels
(I got 130 labels at the Dollar Store for $1)


24 Ornaments or knickknacks you have

24 ornament hooks
(If your ornaments or knickknacks don’t have a way to hang on a tree)

A tree or something to hang your ornaments on


As I am just starting out on my “big girl” adventures I do not have an established set of ornaments so instead of going out and buying a bunch of matching ones that don’t mean anything to me I searched through my jars and tins of knickknacks and lo and behold I was able to scrounge up an eclectic bunch of ornaments. I think this makes this Advent Calendar more special because I have a story for every ornament I have.
(I am also using a 2ft tall fake tree so I needed small things.)

Let the tutorial commence!


Step 1. Measure out your desired triangle…there is no real science to it…I just tried to make a relatively even triangle…it does not need to be perfect…especially if you use felt.


Step 2. Mark out 24 (or more to be safe) triangles on your felt with a similar color.


Step 3. Cut out all of your triangles and find the best 24.
(some of my triangles are finished because I bought two large santa bags from the Dollar Tree and opened them for fabric)


Step 4. Plan out your pattern…in my case I had more green fabric so I doubled the green triangles.


Step 5. Pin your first triangle to your lace or ribbon.


Step 6. Turn on some music and start sewing. I found it was easiest to start with the pinned triangle and then just add the triangles along the way instead of pinning all of them…this also made dealing with the other 8 ft of lace much easier.

To finish the lace edges I flipped them under and made a loop at either end so it would be easier to hang in the future.


Step 7. Step back and marvel at how good your bunting looks.


Step 8. Bust out those labels and markers.


Step 9. Number 24 of the labels to your hearts desire…I like the look of hand drawn (and I didn’t have any extra printer labels) but you can print out your numbers if you so desire.


Step 10. Stick those bad boys on your bunting.
(If you are using Dollar Store labels I suggest being extra careful when you pull them off of the sheet because they are in fact cheap and I did tear number 1…now it has character.)


Step 11. Plan out where your different ornaments will go…in my case I put the heaviest at the front of the line because I was worried that I would wake up to a advent calendar bunting disaster.


Step 12. Tape the bajeezuz out of those ornaments and make sure that they aren’t going anywhere until you get to put them on your tree.
(I ended up not taping my first two ornaments to the bunting because they were too heavy).


I am overjoyed at the result…it came out exactly as I imagined! I am pretty excited about the post possibilities that will come out of this DIY…ornament story time perhaps? a gif? The possibilities are endless!

Did you like this DIY? Tell me!

Did you make something similar? Show me!

Do you want high five? HERE YOU GO! *high five*


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