DIY: Instax Holga Macro Lens Kit Problem Solving.

For my birthday I received a Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera, it is basically a Polaroid camera that takes credit card sized photos.  For Christmas I received a Holga  Macro Lens Kit for my Instax camera…because I really need more ways to take a picture.


I was so excited to try these little lenses out but unfortunately ALL of the pictures I took were terrible blurry messes (and the film is not very cheap)…so after being sad for a bit I decided to search the interwebs for solutions and what I found was an overwhelming warning to measure the distance of from your lens to the subject which sounds simple enough…but who has a ruler handy all of the time?

This problem gave birth to my super simple solution and hopefully if you have the same niche problems that I have then this simple DIY will save you heartache and money.


To solve your distance problems you need to first figure out exactly how far each lens will allow you to be (I wrote the distance in silver sharpie on each lens…in inches because I am american and I was taught to reject the already given millimeters.) You will then need to rustle up:

1. A measuring tape (preferably plastic coated)

2. Scissors

3. Tape.


Step 1: cut your measuring tape a little longer than your longest distance lens…mine is 19.68 inches so I cut the tape at 23 inches.

Step 2: Tape it to the bottom of your camera making sure that the tape crosses over the middle of your lens.

Step 3. Find things to photograph.



When I need to use less measuring tape I just hold the right distance to the bottom of the camera, measure out the distance and then drop the tape.



Boom! And now you don’t have to worry about wasting precious film on blurry messes!


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