DIY: iPhone Tripod Mount.


 This DIY came on a whim…and I have to admit that I was making it up as I went along. The necessity for this little mount arose when I signed up for the new app: Vine…where you create super short videos which are almost like gifs. I needed a way to keep the phone in the same position the entire time so I made this thing.

Of course you can buy a real mount but why do that when you already have the supplies laying around (unless you threw out your iPhone box…oops). The project is simple enough it just takes a little bit of time and precision.

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DSC_7846Edit DSC_7924Edit

You will need:

-the dividers from the inside of your iphone box

-a tripod (or just the mount part for the purposes of this project)


-a pencil

-tape (I went with white electrical tape for aesthetics)

-duct tape (or equally thick and strong tape)

-non skid stuff

-a rubber band (the thicker the better)

-some time


Step 1: Take the innerds of your box and prop your phone up against the lip with the most amount of  material sitting in front of it. Mark a line where your phone ends.


Step 2: Do the same thing on the other side.


Step 3: Cut as straight and smoothly as possible along the line you just made.


Step 4: Take a piece of the tape and place it on part you just cut with a little tape hanging over the edge.


Step 5: Take your smaller piece and place right on top of your larger piece make sure to fold the extra bit of tape so it butts up against the lip of the larger piece.

Step 6: (optional) Tape up the raw edges so it looks a little better.


Step 7: Take your non skid and measure out two pieces that will fit snugly in the underside of lipped box innerds.

page 2

Step 8: Tape the first piece directly into the underside.

Step 9: Take two small pieces of duct tape and place them directly onto the first piece of non skid. Attach the second square to the duct tape.

This is to make the underside thicker so it sits more flush to the tripod…the non skid helps it stay in place.


Step 10: Tape the raw edge of the underside and non skid. 


Step 11: Cut a small piece of non skid and a piece of duct tape and put them between the two lips.


Step 12: Attach your new mount to the top of your tripod with your rubber band.


Step 13: Insert your phone.


Step 14: Start taking pictures!

Now as with most of my camera DIYs this little mount will NOT win any beauty contests but it will serve its purpose!


One comment

  1. Andrea

    Love this, just diy’ed my own version using this as inspiration! I would have done exactly as you did, but my husband insists we maintain the boxes as they are…ok! But thanks for the tips and the how-to. Now I can take nice steady pics and video without waste…money, or the “supplies” I already had on hand!

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