Organized Neatly: What’s in my Bag?


I am one of those girls who carries a big bag around…what can I say…I like having EVERYTHING I need right under my armpit…but what I think I need at all times may surprise you.


The most ridiculous thing I have in my bag at all times are not one but five different cameras (not including my phone and when I choose to lug my DSLR around). You may think that this is overkill…and I would agree…but when they are not in my bag I find myself reaching for them…so I have made my purse their permanent home and I do in fact use them. If anything I will have super buff arms from carrying them around all day.


I also keep the typical purse stuff in my bag: wallet, keys,  hair tie, sunglasses, chapstick, a mini flashlight, and my Altoids box…and a notebook for added weight.



I need fix my missing stud.


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