Snapshots: Thrifty Finds.


I am not sure if you already know but I own an online thrift store (Find it here!) and as owner (and only employee) I act as the buyer, merchandiser, photographer, cataloger, lister, customer service person, and package handler. My favorite position is as the buyer, I get to dig through all kinds of clothing situations to find the absolute best stuff.
There is only one problem with this position…I end up finding wonderful things that I end up keeping…
…I guess this isn’t a problem at all…

I went on a buying assignment yesterday and these are the things that will not make it past my own closet:

page 1

A velvet Betsy Johnson Dress and a red sheer cover up.

page 2

A light wash chambray shirt and a vintage leather pencil skirt.

page 3

A crazy pattern sweater and an emerald green vintage coat
(I have an ever increasing collection of vintage coats…I am OBSESSED.)


A vintage leather bag (now a computer case) and a scarf.

I LOVE thrifting.


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