Organized Neatly: What’s in my Bag?

Bag 1

Last time we rummaged through my bag (2 years ago) I had a much bigger purse and I had many of the same things (what can I say I’m a creature of habit) but this time I have a few upgrades to my tech (not my phone it’s still a 4s…).

Can we talk about how awesome it is to have a backpack as a purse…it was a “thing” when I was 13 or so but now we have the big bulky bags with one strap??? No thanks I’m going hands free with my purse…I need maximum mobility while I’m living my life.
Bag 2

I’ve still got the leopard wallet, I tried doing something different for a minute but I like the clasp wallets…and leopard. I still use the same chapstick and I will love it forever and always (OMG NO! it’s not a glue stick stop asking!). I have a new planner and I’ve added a second Altoids box (obviously there aren’t mints in it…duh). I have a brand new camera that I am falling deeply in love with and I have my good friend iPad, which is probably one of my most favorite pieces of technology ever invented. That weird squiggly thing is an Phone/Camera tripod that will grip around poles.

Bag 3

My newest book of inspiration is the Photographer’s Playbook…I’m sure we will see more from him later. As you can see I DO NOT have mints in my Altoids box…I have a smaller Altoids box in my Altoids box (altoidception) it holds ibuprofen because I’m old now and I get pains. I also have iPhone camera lenses which are super cool but the 2 seconds it takes me to remove my case really hinders from me from using them.

So there you have it, the March 2015 version of the inter workings of my purse. What stuff do you absolutely have to have in your purse??


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