365 Project (1-7)

That’s it, I’ve done it, I’ve officially started a 365 Photo Challenge. I’ve always wanted to participate in one mostly because I assumed that it would be easy for me because I take so many pictures (but I’ve obviously failed) but this time it’s for real guys.

These pictures are from the last 7 days: March 1 – March 7.


(1/365) My bar cart has turned into an homage to my inner hipster.


(2/365) I took a mini-vacation to Catalina with my man.


(3/365) I hiked up a mountain on Catalina to appreciate the view of Avalon and San Clemente Island.


(4/365) When I fly over the ocean (in a small airplane) I frantically search the water for whales, on March 4th I saw three different sets of whales…it was amazing.


(5/365) Recovered from vacation by relaxing at home and getting things like my Polaroids organized.


(6/365) Spending my lunch breaks enjoying the sunshine and the ladies from A Beautiful Mess.


(7/365) Running around the Ambassador Auditorium taking outfit photos.


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