Life: 10 Things About Me


1. I am weirdly good at those Magic Eye Puzzles…I can see the picture in 5 seconds flat…be impressed.
(I’m not sure why I feel like I needed to start the list with this one but I’m very proud of this one.)

2. I’m a very picky (lacto-ovo-pescatarian) vegetarian.
Carrots: Nope, Oranges: Bleh, Pears: Wet Sand, Tofu: Dirty Sponge, Celery: No Thanks, Chocolate: I thought you’d never ask.

3. I’m a one trick pony when it comes to make up: winged liner, mascara, eye shadow for setting the liner…done.

4. I drive in silence 100% of the time (aside from my road rage)…mostly because my radio was stolen out of my car 7ish years ago and I’m tired of setting up radio alternatives.

5. It took me an entire summer and probably 1000000 hours of the Multiplication Schoolhouse Rock Episode (yes that’s the full episode) to learn my multiplication tables…and my memory for them is still pretty bad.

6. Organizing things is how I deal with stress.

7. I lived in Germany for one very magical year.

8. I have two Bachelors Degrees, one in German and the other in International Studies but currently I sell furniture…go figure.

9. I collect: vintage cameras, vintage tins, maps, impractical shoes, sparkly things and narwhal ornaments.

10. I am happy.



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