365 Project (8-14)

What a week.

March 8

(8/365) I discovered little white mites on my mint. (It was a slow day)

March 9

(9/365) Baby tomaters.

March 10

(10/365) I finally deemed to too hot to keep these white beasts contained in black tights.

March 11

(11/365) Lunchtime Life Homework.

March 12

(12/365) I GOT A DOG!!!!!

March 13

(13/365) The 47lb majestic muscle with 470,000 miles of tongue is named Luna….as in Luna Lovegood (sorry I’m not sorry)

March 14

(14/365) A very slobbery Mr. Octopus came in for surgery…the poor guy didn’t even stand a chance.


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