Places I’ve Been: Catalina Pt. 1

I took a mini-vacation to Catalina Island with my man last week, I didn’t want to come back mostly because not working > working. We spent most of our time in the “big city” of Avalon relaxing, hiking, eating, and dodging golf carts.

This is part 1 of my grand Catalina post.

Catalina Part 1 (2)

Oh hi.

Catalina Part 1 (3)

The view of Avalon from the 6th floor deck of our hotel.

Catalina Part 1 (4)

The Hotel St. Lauren, the curb appeal is crazy but the accommodations are far from plush.

Catalina Part 1 (5)

Night time golf cart watching.

Catalina Part 1 (6)

Probably a reincarnation of Frank Sinatra.

Catalina Part 1 (7)

Golden hour on the hills.

Catalina Part 1 (8)


Catalina Part 1 (9)


Catalina Part 1 (10)


Catalina Part 1 (11)

My sister got married outside this beauty.


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