Snapshots: My Patio Garden

I have a small out door space between my door and the neighbors window that I have claimed for my little patio garden/jungle/farm. The space is pretty drab but I am trying my hardest to maintain my little garden.


My gramma gave me a watch-cat the last time I was at her house.


Call me Farmer Whitney.


One of my goals this year was to have an herb garden…I am happy to report that I am succeeding in herb gardening.



My tomato plant has quite an abundant harvest coming in but it’s looking a little leggy and sparse in the leaf department.



I have been using this little beaker set for propagating philodendron, basil, and Lantana.


My little Lantana experiment and my successful Basil propagation [Side Note: I am TERRIBLE at keeping Basil alive so I saved this little guy when his little stem started to rot (does this happen to anyone else?) and look at him now!)



  1. Landlord

    You should exercise your green thumb talent and transform your entire apartment complex into an arboretum.

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