Window Shopping: July Edition.


Look with your eyes not with your wallet!


1. This Notebook Set combines my love of notebooks, vintage posters, and anatomy…so good.

2. I want to stick a String of Pearls succulent plant in this octopuses head to give him a crazy hairdo.


3. This Ice Bucket though….


4. If I went camping I’d take this mug.

5. I was originally going to post only the copper french press but then I found a whole set of mugs, sugar and creamer and french press…I want it, I need it!


6. Much like my scratch map I thought this would be a great idea to document your National Parks adventures!


7. This water bottle would be a perfect fit in my bag for casual outings when I don’t need 32 oz of water on my back!

8. Florence Welch is my number 1 lady, I am currently listening to How Big How Blue How Beautiful on repeat (I listened to Lungs and Ceremonials on repeat for probably 3 years) and I need her new album on vinyl for my LP wall display.



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