My Vegetarian Skin Care Routine.

I have been a vegetarian for 8 years now (technically lacto-ovo-pescatarian but who is really keeping score?) and about two years ago I decided that I wanted to move my bathroom product use more towards a vegan way of life, because of this choice, I have tried a number of different skin care products and I have finally landed on my perfect skin care (and tooth care) product routine (the jury is still out on Shampoo and Conditioner…and deodorant).


Ta da!!!

I like to keep it simple.


Alba Botanica: AcneDote

This is one of my favorite face cleaners I have ever used. It has Salicylic Acid (naturally derived from Willow Bark Extract) to keep the pimples at bay AND ground walnut shell scrubbies to get deep into those pores so you are not polluting the water with those stupid plastic micro-beads.

(This specific product says it is “vegetarian” so I’m not sure where they couldn’t classify it as vegan.)


Alaffia Everyday Coconut Day and Night Cream

I love both these creams for a number of reasons; the first being that they are nice and light, don’t dry out, and don’t make me break out. I like the day cream because it has SPF 15 in it so I don’t get sunburns in minimal sun exposure (I say the word “sun” and I get sunburned). I actually mix the night with the day cream just to add a little more hydration in the daytime. The second reason I love these creams is because they are a vegan, sustainable and fair trade. The ingredients are sustainably harvested, the workers are provided fair wages and 10% of the proceeds go to community enhancement in West African communities. How could you not like that??



You might wonder why Neosporin is in my skin care routine but I have found that if I apply a tiny amount of neosporin to pimples (picked at or not) they go away much faster. Its really just a magic ointment that also works well on razor burn, cuts, and burns.

(I am 98% sure that Neosporin is vegan, everywhere I looked said yes but I did not find an explicit confirmation.)


Toms of Maine: Antiplaque & Whitening

When I first switched to this toothpaste I had to get used to the lack of chemical fresh burning sensation you get with traditional toothpastes but I assure this works just as well. I like fluoride free because I am sure I am getting my fair dose of it from the water I drink. I like Tom’s in general because they focus on natural, sustainable, and responsible products.


Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap

I was introduced to this soap by a college roommate, he used this soap and our whole house smelled like peppermint, it was great, so I have warm attachments to the smell of it but I also love it for its general cleaning power. I appreciate that the soap is made by 5th generation soap makers working to carry on “Emanuel Bronner’s urgent message to realize our transcendent unity across religious and ethnic divides.” Also, there is a whole lot of text to read on the bottle during shower time.

There you have it, my vegetarian/vegan skin care product routine, this was not a commercial for these products (all opinions are my own) nor is it a call to action for you to give up your meat eating animal testing ways (you do you) it is simply and ode to fulfilling some of my personal consumption goals.
[Full Disclosure: Vegan to me means zero animal products and no animal testing in the specific product I’m using {unfortunately some companies that have products with vegan ingredients still test on animals…like Burt’s Bees being owned by Clorox which still conducts animal testing on their other products]} …yup….Burt’s Bees is owned by Clorox…



  1. veganneeds

    awesome post… I try to only buy products that have natural and organic products 🙂 thanks of posting just started following you, I have a vegan recipe/lifestyle & Cruelty-free beauty Blog as well,
    so glad I found your blog & Happy to connect with you 🙂

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