TBT: Summertime Camping.


We got our beloved RV “Fred” when I was in second? third? grade and every summer (and some winter and spring) break we would go on a big camping trip. These are some of the memories I look fondly back at and appreciate that my parents were able to do this for my brother and I, we saw the whole western United States with Fred and we all have stories from our crazy adventures.


Lovingly improvised rain coats.


Just chillen on a Glacier at Glacier National Park in Montana.


Swimming in the Colorado River…we had a no go zone in this cove because my mom was worried that we were going to get swept away by the huge river behind us.


Hiking Devils Postpile in California and looking for dolphins on the Ferry in Seattle.

IMG_20150721_0002 (2)

Catching a stagecoach in Tombstone, AZ.


Visiting Mesa Verde in Colorado.


It looks like I’m getting blown away but I’m actually pointing at Mt. Whitney in California.


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