My Thoughts and Frustrations with Self Promotion.

If you have ever participated in the internet in any capacity you may have found yourself in a situation where you have to self promote via social media. Personally, I think self promotion is the absolute worst part of internetting for profit. Why you may ask? Well I’ll tell ya, selling yourself on the internet sucks…that’s it…it’s terrible and it can be a soul sucking process, especially if you pour all of yourself into your work to begin with, that messes with your head in ways that seem crazy to people who have never self promoted, or have no interest in doing .


I have had at least four years of social media self promotion experience under my belt with an internet store, this blog, my fathers business and general tumblr narcissism (I’m not ashamed) and for me it has not gotten better, a little easier-ish maybe, but no less soul sucking. Perhaps it is because I am not a person, who in normal conversation, likes to brag or really even talk about myself (unless you’re my family…in which case try and get me to shut up about me…) or perhaps it is because I’m a pretty introverted person who really struggles with being social in real life so it carries over into internet land…if you are neither of these do you still struggle like me??

Is it just me? Am I doing it wrong? Why am I not famous yet? These are all questions that I have legitimately asked myself at one time or another after I have spent two hours on a blog post and five hours setting up the social media for it only to receive nary a like or a <3. Social media self promotion makes you crazy (or is it really just me??),  and it is an illogical crazy, does this not make sense? Well let me regale you with some tales of how I have thought said crazy things due to self promotion:

I used to have an online thrift store, this store was my baby, I spent countless hours working on/thinking about it; I had a facebook page, blog, tumblr, polyvore, fashiolista, lookbook, pinterest….literally everything I could think of/sign up for I had in order to get the word out about my thrift store, it felt like I was banging my head against the wall with self promotion, I posted everyday and got very little in return….or at least it felt like that…it felt like that because I was being made crazy by promotion. At one point my store was very successful, I was getting at least three orders a day (it was a one woman show), I was shipping internationally, I was being featured on big websites and I even had a spot on the HLN network…it was great…but I didn’t see it because I was trapped by the fact that some of my closest friends hadn’t liked my Facebook page even though they gave me positive feedback in person they wouldn’t give it to me on social media and I let this bother me to no end (and sometimes still to this day).

That was a maybe two years ago and even though I see how crazy I was then…I’m still crazy: I run the social media for my Father’s small aviation business, I spend hours looking at aviation articles, pictures etc. to make for good active engagement but alas I can only get one person to consistently “like” the posts (and that one guy makes my day literally every day with his little “like” (Thank you sir!) A couple days ago my Dad gave me some positive feedback he had gotten from someone about how great the page looks and instead of thinking “wow thank you, It looks like my hard work has paid off and people enjoy what I do” I  instead thought “THEN WHY DON’T THEY CLICK THE STUPID LIKE BUTTON!!!!!”

The moral of this story is that internet self promotion is difficult and I am sure that anyone who has ever taken on the task for their own purposes (there are people you can hire to do the crazy for you…but who has that kind of money?) has found it difficult so if you take nothing away from this crazy rant about self promotion take this away: Do your friend a favor and just “like” their page, project, picture, follow them, or even get crazy and share it….it’s a simple thing but it really does lessen the crazy and frustration of feeling like you are doing it all for nothing.

Thank you for reading all the way down to these words….
Do you/have you felt the same way? Am I really just doing it wrong?


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