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Organized Neatly: 5 Pairs of Wildly Impractical Shoes

I am going to start this post off with admitting a fact about myself…it’s not super scandalous or outrageous but it has forced my hand into buying some crazy things.

— I love impractical shoes —

Whew, it feels good to say out loud…or in text rather. I love impractical shoes not because I go out a lot and I need to dress to impress, I merely love the shape and the idea of them, honestly I almost never go out (and I’m not ashamed of that) but even if I did go out I would have to be invited to an awards show or be Lady Gaga to make these shoes make sense. Admittedly, I have worn all of these shoes at least once (and maybe twice) so the money was well worth it and it proved that I did in fact need them, obviously.


I am writing this post not to shame myself, or promise that I’m going to put an end to this impractical love (because let’s be honest…I NEED more crazy shoes…..ammiright???) I am writing this post to give these poor beautiful shoes, which have been relegated to the “display” section of my closet, a chance to see the light of day and to receive the love that they deserve.

These guys *might* be the most practical mostly because they are easy to walk in and they are simple enough to be acceptable….but measuring in with a six inch heel “practical” may not be the best descriptor.


I actually find these to be my most practical because I’ve worn them the most, they are easy to walk and they look pretty cool, I like the little rhino horn. I wore them in this outfit post.


I love these shoes and when I wore them in this post I had a blogger actually offer to buy them from me (I politely declined), the reason I deem them impractical is the wooden sole, I HATE the sound of wood soles clacking…I am not a little Dutch girl wearing wooden shoes…..I’m a person testing the ankle breaking gods.


These shoes demonstrate my desire to be Lady Gaga, her heel-less shoes were all I could think about for a hot minute (it made studying in my last year of college very difficult). Yes, these are Jeffrey Campbell knockoffs but there was no way I was paying such high prices for such highly impractical shoes.
In case you are wondering, you do not teeter backwards when you wear these…they are quite stable.


These guys right here are the pièce de résistance of my impractical shoe collection. These are REAL Jeffrey Campbell Damsel Gold Spike Shoes…I found them at a consignment store in almost new condition (in which they remain because they are absolutely insane) and I paid a fraction of a fraction of the price….I was seriously having heart palpitations when I was waiting in line to buy them. The heel on these guys is almost 7 inches tall and if that isn’t enough impracticality for you the spikes are actually SUPER sharp AND they weigh about 4 pounds each. I have worn these once…to dinner on my birthday…and I had to sit the whole time. I love them but my ankles are deathly afraid of them.

If you have made it this far I thank you for reading my crazy love letter to my crazy shoes, I feel they have received the credit they deserve and now I will put them back into my closet, look upon them every time I reach for flats and wish that I had the fashion life of Lady Gaga.

Organized Neatly: What’s in my Bag?

Bag 1

Last time we rummaged through my bag (2 years ago) I had a much bigger purse and I had many of the same things (what can I say I’m a creature of habit) but this time I have a few upgrades to my tech (not my phone it’s still a 4s…).

Can we talk about how awesome it is to have a backpack as a purse…it was a “thing” when I was 13 or so but now we have the big bulky bags with one strap??? No thanks I’m going hands free with my purse…I need maximum mobility while I’m living my life.
Bag 2

I’ve still got the leopard wallet, I tried doing something different for a minute but I like the clasp wallets…and leopard. I still use the same chapstick and I will love it forever and always (OMG NO! it’s not a glue stick stop asking!). I have a new planner and I’ve added a second Altoids box (obviously there aren’t mints in it…duh). I have a brand new camera that I am falling deeply in love with and I have my good friend iPad, which is probably one of my most favorite pieces of technology ever invented. That weird squiggly thing is an Phone/Camera tripod that will grip around poles.

Bag 3

My newest book of inspiration is the Photographer’s Playbook…I’m sure we will see more from him later. As you can see I DO NOT have mints in my Altoids box…I have a smaller Altoids box in my Altoids box (altoidception) it holds ibuprofen because I’m old now and I get pains. I also have iPhone camera lenses which are super cool but the 2 seconds it takes me to remove my case really hinders from me from using them.

So there you have it, the March 2015 version of the inter workings of my purse. What stuff do you absolutely have to have in your purse??

Organized Neatly: What’s in my Bag?


I am not one to accumulate a million and one things in my purse (cough cough like my mom) mostly because I compulsively clean it out every other day or so…a habit I am pretty sure I developed when I was backpacking in Europe.


In my bag (an impulse buy) you will always find:

-My leopard wallet (leopard EVERYTHING is my motto).
-My fancy keys. I used to have 10 bajillion key chains but I’m a grown up now.
-My moms old iPod which mysteriously came back from the dead.
-My phone currently decked out in studs.
-My chapstick that EVERYONE thinks is glue…
-A hair brush and clip for my stupid long hair.
-An altoids tin that holds my iPhone lenses (yup I own those)
-My purple idea notebook.
-A million pens…yup I’m a pen stealer.

Organized Neatly: What’s in my Bag?


I am one of those girls who carries a big bag around…what can I say…I like having EVERYTHING I need right under my armpit…but what I think I need at all times may surprise you.


The most ridiculous thing I have in my bag at all times are not one but five different cameras (not including my phone and when I choose to lug my DSLR around). You may think that this is overkill…and I would agree…but when they are not in my bag I find myself reaching for them…so I have made my purse their permanent home and I do in fact use them. If anything I will have super buff arms from carrying them around all day.


I also keep the typical purse stuff in my bag: wallet, keys,  hair tie, sunglasses, chapstick, a mini flashlight, and my Altoids box…and a notebook for added weight.



I need fix my missing stud.