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365 Project (15-21)

March 15

(15/365) I can’t even handle how much I love this creature.

March 16

(16/365) My life is now full of walks…and poopy bags.

March 17

(17/365) I wore leopard on St. Patrick’s Day and played with the self timer on my camera.

March 18

(18/365) Parking Garage Sunsets.

March 19

(19/365) I discovered this Little Free Library on one of my walks today.

March 20

(20/365) Making coffee and playing with my new camera remote.

March 21

(21/365) Lunchtime Views.

365 Project (8-14)

What a week.

March 8

(8/365) I discovered little white mites on my mint. (It was a slow day)

March 9

(9/365) Baby tomaters.

March 10

(10/365) I finally deemed to too hot to keep these white beasts contained in black tights.

March 11

(11/365) Lunchtime Life Homework.

March 12

(12/365) I GOT A DOG!!!!!

March 13

(13/365) The 47lb majestic muscle with 470,000 miles of tongue is named Luna….as in Luna Lovegood (sorry I’m not sorry)

March 14

(14/365) A very slobbery Mr. Octopus came in for surgery…the poor guy didn’t even stand a chance.

Sightseeing: From the Sky

I am very lucky in that my father is a pilot and I have the ability to fly with him pretty much whenever I want. These opportunities to fly give me a perspective that not many other people have, in fact my parents have built a business from it and my mother makes art from it.

These shots were taken to and from my mini-vacation to Catalina (more on that later this week).


Downtown LA looking so fresh.


Mini Carnival.


Rose Hills looking to Mt. Baldy with fresh snow from our winter storm.


A gloomy looking Los Angeles.


Cotton candy clouds.


The West Coast ports have been crazy backed up after a recent shutdown.


Lego blocks of commerce.


Calm day on Catalina.


Avalon looking like a postcard.

(All these photographs were taken by yours truly, no Google image search here)

365 Project (1-7)

That’s it, I’ve done it, I’ve officially started a 365 Photo Challenge. I’ve always wanted to participate in one mostly because I assumed that it would be easy for me because I take so many pictures (but I’ve obviously failed) but this time it’s for real guys.

These pictures are from the last 7 days: March 1 – March 7.


(1/365) My bar cart has turned into an homage to my inner hipster.


(2/365) I took a mini-vacation to Catalina with my man.


(3/365) I hiked up a mountain on Catalina to appreciate the view of Avalon and San Clemente Island.


(4/365) When I fly over the ocean (in a small airplane) I frantically search the water for whales, on March 4th I saw three different sets of whales…it was amazing.


(5/365) Recovered from vacation by relaxing at home and getting things like my Polaroids organized.


(6/365) Spending my lunch breaks enjoying the sunshine and the ladies from A Beautiful Mess.


(7/365) Running around the Ambassador Auditorium taking outfit photos.

Sightseeing: Pasadena City Hall.

Pasadena 1

Since I spend so much time in Old Town Pasadena I figured I’d start playing tourist on my own town. Pasadena City Hall, located on N. Garfield Ave in Pasadena is not only an architectural beauty but it also served as the fake home of Leslie Knope on Park and Recreation.

Pasadena 2

Pasadena 3

Pasadena 4

Pasadena 5

How do you play tourist in your hometown?