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Look of the Day: Black and White and Green All Over.

And then all of a sudden it is August 11th.


I have been away for a little while mostly because I was on a surprise birthday road trip with my boyfriend (who planned AND manged to keep it a secret) to Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, Colorado…and then I had to recover from my road trip, I will be posting more on that later on…hopefully the day after my birthday which is tomorrow…..wooohoooo

In the meantime I’m here to share a little photo shoot I did with my handmade skirt after a work meeting the other day. The office I “work out of” is at the LA River Center and Gardens so it’s a pretty lush green place in the middle of a very urban landscape. If this skirt seems familiar to you then you get an A+ for paying attention because it is made from the same fabric as this handmade shirt, what can I say…I like a bold black and white polka dot.

I became best friends with this plant.







The necklace I wear almost 24/7.


These shoes have become a fast favorite (after I broke them in and bandaged my wounds) they are comfortable flats that immediately class up an outfit.

Look of the Day: Monochrome

These days my closet is pretty black and white, I’m not sure why but I like it. #sorrynotsorry

Outfit 1

Outfit 4

Outfit 2

Outfit 5

Outfit 3

Top: Thrifted

Skirt: H&M Sale

Tights: Forever 21

Necklace: Urban Outfitters Sale

Earrings: Gift from my Dad

Hair: Gift from my Mom

Shoes: GoJane…probably on sale

Organized Neatly: What’s in my Bag?


I am not one to accumulate a million and one things in my purse (cough cough like my mom) mostly because I compulsively clean it out every other day or so…a habit I am pretty sure I developed when I was backpacking in Europe.


In my bag (an impulse buy) you will always find:

-My leopard wallet (leopard EVERYTHING is my motto).
-My fancy keys. I used to have 10 bajillion key chains but I’m a grown up now.
-My moms old iPod which mysteriously came back from the dead.
-My phone currently decked out in studs.
-My chapstick that EVERYONE thinks is glue…
-A hair brush and clip for my stupid long hair.
-An altoids tin that holds my iPhone lenses (yup I own those)
-My purple idea notebook.
-A million pens…yup I’m a pen stealer.

DIY: Velvet Shoelaces.


This project came to me on a whim because I could only find one of the black shoelaces for my “Foc Fartins” (fake Doc Martins) and I have an excess of velvet scraps.


For this project you will need:

2 strips of velvet cut on the bias (the stretchiest direction of the fabric)

duct tape

about 15 minutes

My strips were about 26 inches long and about 2 inches wide…but you can make them as long as you like but I wouldn’t suggest a thinner width than 1 1/2 inches for the velvet because the thinner it is the quicker it will fray down to velvet dust. Also, the thicker width will allow the velvet to fold under itself so there is no sewing necessary. woohoo!


Step 1. Make sure the ends of the velvet are cut straight across.

Step 2. Rip a piece of duct tape for the aglets (the ends of the shoelaces…you learn something new everyday!)
I actually ripped my duct tape square into two thinner strips because I wanted thinner aglets.


Step 3. Roll up the ends of your velvet as tight as you can and wrap the duct tape around the end.
I only used half of the strip because I did not want the aglets to be big fatties. You will have to eye it depending on how large your grommets (shoelace holes…see you are still learning) are.


Step 4. Wrap the other side.


Step 5. Lace yours shoes back up.
(The velvet is black but for some reason whenever I photograph velvet close up it confuses the camera.)


Step 6. Admire your handiwork.

Pattye’s Closet.

I went to Montrose yesterday to meet a good friend for coffee and when we were walking around we wandered into Pattye’s Closet and I never wanted to wander out. It was an amazing place packed to the rafters with the coolest vintage stuff I had ever seen. I could not pass up this sequin silk butterfly shirt and a mini black doctor bag!

I took some pictures of the inside of the store on film so hopefully we will see that later…