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TBT: Redwood Acres Fair.


While I was searching through my external hard drive I found these throwback Thursday pictures from waayyy back on July 27, 2010 when I went to the Redwood Acres Fair in Eureka, California. I always liked these pictures but I never had a place to put them…until now.


This kid was serious about the Ferris Wheel.



These horses have seen some things…


Just like most Fairs it was colorful, exciting and just a little bit janky.

TBT: Summertime Camping.


We got our beloved RV “Fred” when I was in second? third? grade and every summer (and some winter and spring) break we would go on a big camping trip. These are some of the memories I look fondly back at and appreciate that my parents were able to do this for my brother and I, we saw the whole western United States with Fred and we all have stories from our crazy adventures.


Lovingly improvised rain coats.


Just chillen on a Glacier at Glacier National Park in Montana.


Swimming in the Colorado River…we had a no go zone in this cove because my mom was worried that we were going to get swept away by the huge river behind us.


Hiking Devils Postpile in California and looking for dolphins on the Ferry in Seattle.

IMG_20150721_0002 (2)

Catching a stagecoach in Tombstone, AZ.


Visiting Mesa Verde in Colorado.


It looks like I’m getting blown away but I’m actually pointing at Mt. Whitney in California.

Life According to my Phone.

I’ve been having a hard time remembering to carry my real camera with me…but thankfully I always have my phone camera.



These pictures were taken 1 minute apart.


Piano Recital.


Rain in LA is a HUGE deal…


The current dogs of my life.

Places I’ve Been: Fes, Morocco.

Mor (81)

Bab Bou Jeloud, The Blue Gate

Morocco was probably one of the most overwhelming places I have been, I mostly remember it as a whirlwind of color, sound, smells, Arabic, French, and bottled water. We paid to sleep on roofs on rented mats under questionable blankets, we wandered the Medina’s with no plan and no understanding of the language…it was a real adventure.

Mor (25)

On the plane we met a German who had a guide book and was willing to travel with us for a bit, with his help (basic knowledge of French) he got the taxi driver to drive us from the airport to the gate of the Medina, we ended up sleeping in a Hostel just inside the gate.Mor (21)

We woke up to the sound of the call to prayer (I wasn’t kidding about the roof)…

Mor (29)

…and the sounds of the street vendors morning routines.


Mor (35)

Mor (49)

Street Life.

I only took my DSLR camera with a fish eye lens with me because I wanted to capture as much as I could as quickly as possible, I didn’t wan to be waving my big camera around making people uncomfortable or making myself more conspicuous as a red headed woman wearing pants and a t-shirt (I wore a pashmina around my neck the entire time).

Mor (47)

Mor (56)

An eight year old boy tried to hustle us on this roof after we made the mistake of wandering into a rug market.

Mor (77)

Chouara Tannery is an 11th century tannery that is still in operation.

Mor (22)

Day View from our roof.

Mor (12)

Night View.

Mor (89)

When I first moved to Germany my Mom asked that I didn’t go to Africa while I was there….Morocco was the first trip I booked when I had a chance to start travelling and I regret nothing. I would never trade the experiences I had in Morocco but If I were to do it again I would most definitely make a plan and do a little more research….and if you are a female planning on travelling to Morocco to wander the old Medina’s I would most definitely go with a man or at least two other women…it is not the most comfortable place for a single (or even two) woman who don’t blend in. [Most people are wonderful, but it’s the small percentage of people who decide that they don’t want to leave you alone that make it uncomfortable.]

Project 365 (22-28)

March 22

(22/365) Walked the dog to In-n-Out and ate in the park because #yolo.

March 23

(23/365) Celebrated my Dad’s birthday by helping him plan out his new business space.

March 24

(24/365) Blue skies for days.

March 25

(25/365) My orchid has come out of hibernation.

March 26

(26/365) This dog, she is majestic.

March 27

(27/365) Mr. Octopus has become a pentapus. (I swear I vacuumed the day before this picture)

March 28

(28/365) My neighbors are moving…so of course they give us a going away gift.

Places I’ve Been: Ireland.

Ireland (Éire)
April 2011

In April 2011, I met my friend Kailey in Dublin, Ireland. I had only been at the hostel (after getting lost and taking bad directions from some random guy on the street) for a an hour or so before we (Kailey had some options) started planning out our Ireland adventure. We settled on a bus tour from Dublin to Galway. It was a wonderfully sunny couple of days and all of the pale red headed people were out en masse with ALL of the SPF.

Ireland (1)


Every mile or so there is an old stone castle circa: a long time ago.

Ireland (2)

I fed a lamb.

Ireland (3)

Ireland (5)


Ireland (7)

Ireland (8)

Stone walls everywhere.

Ireland (9)

Poulnabrone Dolmen Megalithic Tomb.

Ireland (10)

Majestic Cliffs of Moher.

Ireland (11)

A castle and Dublin.

Ireland (12)


Ireland (13)


Ireland (14)


Ireland (15)

Kailey and I avoided the fee to go inside Christ Church Cathedral by attending Mass.

365 Project (15-21)

March 15

(15/365) I can’t even handle how much I love this creature.

March 16

(16/365) My life is now full of walks…and poopy bags.

March 17

(17/365) I wore leopard on St. Patrick’s Day and played with the self timer on my camera.

March 18

(18/365) Parking Garage Sunsets.

March 19

(19/365) I discovered this Little Free Library on one of my walks today.

March 20

(20/365) Making coffee and playing with my new camera remote.

March 21

(21/365) Lunchtime Views.