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Life According to my Phone.

I’ve been having a hard time remembering to carry my real camera with me…but thankfully I always have my phone camera.



These pictures were taken 1 minute apart.


Piano Recital.


Rain in LA is a HUGE deal…


The current dogs of my life.

Snapshots: My Patio Garden

I have a small out door space between my door and the neighbors window that I have claimed for my little patio garden/jungle/farm. The space is pretty drab but I am trying my hardest to maintain my little garden.


My gramma gave me a watch-cat the last time I was at her house.


Call me Farmer Whitney.


One of my goals this year was to have an herb garden…I am happy to report that I am succeeding in herb gardening.



My tomato plant has quite an abundant harvest coming in but it’s looking a little leggy and sparse in the leaf department.



I have been using this little beaker set for propagating philodendron, basil, and Lantana.


My little Lantana experiment and my successful Basil propagation [Side Note: I am TERRIBLE at keeping Basil alive so I saved this little guy when his little stem started to rot (does this happen to anyone else?) and look at him now!)

Window Shopping: March Edition

March Loves

Spring officially starts on March 20th, here in LA it’s pretty much been Spring since the heat “ended” in early November (we had two weeks where it was right around 60 degrees…so we all froze). This Spring, and probably forever and always, I am loving crazy shaped glass terrariums, hanging planters, and anything with facets, these are some of my favorites from the wonderful world of the internets.

1. Leather Latched Wall Planter via Anthropologie

2. Terrarium Glass Pyramid Planter via JechoryGlassDesigns on Etsy (Her stuff is a-mazing)

3. Hand blown Glass Vase Set (of 3) via Avolie Glass on Etsy

4. Bedside Blooms Vase Set via Modcloth

5. Glass Garden Terrarium via Anthropologie

6. Hanging Glass Terrarium via CB2

7. Wood Brass Polygon Gem via Raw Originals on Etsy

8. Blown Glass Terrerium via West Elm

9. Angled Plant Stand via CB2

10. Sahel Wall Planters via Anthropologie

DIY: Test Tube Vases

Today I have a very simple houseplant project using Heartleaf Philodendron cuttings and test tube shot glasses.


For this simple windowsill test tube vase project you will need:

Philodendron Cuttings
I am using Heartleaf Philodendron.

Test Tube Shot Glasses

Rooting Powder

You will need to cut small enough cuttings off of your plant in order to stick out to your desired length. When you have cut the stems scrape off a small section of the tip and dampen with water. Dip the damp stem into the rooting powder and drop into the test tubes and fill with water. Refill the water as needed.


I’m going to be honest, I bought these test tubes on sale at Urban Outfitters with the intention of doing something like this, I wish it was because I had some crazy mad scientist party planned but alas I did not, I am just obsessed with propagating philodendron.


I love Philodendron for two reasons; the first being that it is very hardy, it really just needs some sunlight and water (added bonus it tells you when it needs water by getting droopy). The second reason is that propagates well, if you have two or three plants you will have unlimited cuttings because it grows super fast and gets real leggy.




I’ve had these little guys in their tubes for a few weeks now and they are happy as clams (if clams were plant cuttings living in water and sun).

What simple houseplant projects are making your home bright?

Week in Instagram 1/28 – 2/1

On Monday I FINALLY broke down and bought an iPhone…I resisted for so long for a multitude of reasons and I have to admit I was little ashamed of myself…but that quickly disappeared as soon as I realized how majestically awesome smart phones actually are…seriously there really is an app for everything.

The app I was most excited for (and may or may not have been a huge reason as to why I finally bought a smartphone) is Instagram…yup I have my very own hipster machine…and it feels so good.

So I give you my week in Instagram:
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Snapshots: Succulent Family Take 2.

I have already posted about my window sill succulent garden  and since January 11th my succulent garden has expanded inside.
I now sleep with a hanging fruit basket full of succulents above my bed, I sleep next to a box of succulents and I still have succulents looking into my window. ..at this rate I am going to turn into a succulent.