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DIY Resource: HFH ReStore.

You might have heard of Habitat for Humanity, they “provide decent and affordable to low-income families around the world”, but have you heard about the Habitat for Humanity ReStores? Well I’m about to blow your mind because if you like thrift stores or are in the market for some new doorknobs the “Habitat for Humanity ReStores are nonprofit home improvement stores and donation centers that sell new and gently used furniture, home accessories, building materials, and appliances to the public at a fraction of the retail price.” Find one in your area HERE.


The Restore in my area recently moved to a new location and my dad and I went to go check it out because he needs another filing cabinet. Let me take you on a little tour.


Art for all tastes.


Need a light bulb? washer? dryer? microwave?






Need windows?


I went to the Azusa location so if you see something you like, and you are in the area, then I highly recommend you get over there ASAP!

A little side note: Since the stores are donation based you never know what you are going to find, last time I was at ReStore I found a vintage Polaroid Land Camera with flash for $5 bucks…It was a very exciting day for my vintage camera collection.

Window Shopping: July Edition.


Look with your eyes not with your wallet!


1. This Notebook Set combines my love of notebooks, vintage posters, and anatomy…so good.

2. I want to stick a String of Pearls succulent plant in this octopuses head to give him a crazy hairdo.


3. This Ice Bucket though….


4. If I went camping I’d take this mug.

5. I was originally going to post only the copper french press but then I found a whole set of mugs, sugar and creamer and french press…I want it, I need it!


6. Much like my scratch map I thought this would be a great idea to document your National Parks adventures!


7. This water bottle would be a perfect fit in my bag for casual outings when I don’t need 32 oz of water on my back!

8. Florence Welch is my number 1 lady, I am currently listening to How Big How Blue How Beautiful on repeat (I listened to Lungs and Ceremonials on repeat for probably 3 years) and I need her new album on vinyl for my LP wall display.

Window Shopping: March Edition

March Loves

Spring officially starts on March 20th, here in LA it’s pretty much been Spring since the heat “ended” in early November (we had two weeks where it was right around 60 degrees…so we all froze). This Spring, and probably forever and always, I am loving crazy shaped glass terrariums, hanging planters, and anything with facets, these are some of my favorites from the wonderful world of the internets.

1. Leather Latched Wall Planter via Anthropologie

2. Terrarium Glass Pyramid Planter via JechoryGlassDesigns on Etsy (Her stuff is a-mazing)

3. Hand blown Glass Vase Set (of 3) via Avolie Glass on Etsy

4. Bedside Blooms Vase Set via Modcloth

5. Glass Garden Terrarium via Anthropologie

6. Hanging Glass Terrarium via CB2

7. Wood Brass Polygon Gem via Raw Originals on Etsy

8. Blown Glass Terrerium via West Elm

9. Angled Plant Stand via CB2

10. Sahel Wall Planters via Anthropologie

Snapshots: Thrifty Finds.


I am not sure if you already know but I own an online thrift store (Find it here!) and as owner (and only employee) I act as the buyer, merchandiser, photographer, cataloger, lister, customer service person, and package handler. My favorite position is as the buyer, I get to dig through all kinds of clothing situations to find the absolute best stuff.
There is only one problem with this position…I end up finding wonderful things that I end up keeping…
…I guess this isn’t a problem at all…

I went on a buying assignment yesterday and these are the things that will not make it past my own closet:

page 1

A velvet Betsy Johnson Dress and a red sheer cover up.

page 2

A light wash chambray shirt and a vintage leather pencil skirt.

page 3

A crazy pattern sweater and an emerald green vintage coat
(I have an ever increasing collection of vintage coats…I am OBSESSED.)


A vintage leather bag (now a computer case) and a scarf.

I LOVE thrifting.

Pattye’s Closet.

I went to Montrose yesterday to meet a good friend for coffee and when we were walking around we wandered into Pattye’s Closet and I never wanted to wander out. It was an amazing place packed to the rafters with the coolest vintage stuff I had ever seen. I could not pass up this sequin silk butterfly shirt and a mini black doctor bag!

I took some pictures of the inside of the store on film so hopefully we will see that later…